English version is below:

Surtu COVID-19 nebe’e mosu iha Timor-Leste desde 2020 to’o agora iha mundu no mos iha ita nia nasaun fo tebes impaktu negativu ba joventude sira iha rai laran tamba kauza husi situasaun oi-oin hanesan laiha kampo de servisu, produtu lokal sira la folin iha merkadu, asesibilidade transporte públiku ne’ebé liga entre munisipiu mai nasional labele lao ho diak, mudansa klimátika, desastre naturais estraga to’os no natar, animal sira hanesan Fahi mate barak iha tinan 2019 to’o agora, laiha oportunidade atu asesu ba centru treinamentu/formasaun sira iha nivel munisipiu no postu sira hodi hasa’e sira nia kapasidade atu compete iha merkadu trabalho, roda ekonomia iha nivel rural la lao ho diak hodi afeta ba maioria joventude sira iha area rural ninia ekonomia la sufisiénte atu asesu ba oportunidade edukasaun nivel ás no seluk-seluk tán.

Prolongamentu Serka Sanitária no konfinamentu obrigatória iha teritoriu kontinua fo espetativa inserteza ba joventude sira atu hetan oportunidade servisu, edukasaun, treinamentu, faan produtu lokal ou negosiu no mós fo presaun psikolojia maka sei fo impaktu negativu ba vida moris joventude sira nian ba oin. 

Hare ba problemas hirak ne’e, CSEP hakarak rekomenda ba governu katak Bele prolonga desijan Serka Sanitária maibe tenki loke dalan para povu no joventude sira livremente asesu ba oportunidade hirak mensiona iha leten hodi fo biban ba joven kbít laék sira faan sira nia produtu no asesu mai merkadu nasional.






The COVID-19 virus that emerged in Timor-Leste and around the globe  since 2020  has a very negative impact on youth in the country as of  various impacts where resulting in no employment, local products in the market are not valuable, accessibility public transportation that is connected between districts to cities does not work well, climate change, natural disasters that have resulted in the destruction of agricultural land and rice fields as well as livestock such as pigs that died in 2019 until now. There is no opportunity to access training venues at the sub-district and municipality level to improve their ability to participate in marketing and employment.

 The wheels of the economy in remote areas do not run well which is  to the point of having a major impact on youth in remote areas, the youth's finances are not sufficient to access higher education opportunities and others.

Extension of time for stay-at-home obligations and complying with local government regulations will continue to leave young people uncertain about opportunities in work, education, and training, selling local products or other business and these gives mental stress and make a negative impact on the lives of young people in the future.

After seeing this problem, CSEP would like to recommend to the Government that there is a possibilities to extend the decisions that have been taken however should be open an access for roads so that people and youth are free to access the opportunities as mentioned above and they would be able to provide an opportunities for the youth to sell their local products to the market in the center of the capital city.